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If you are interested in learning more on the history of Windermere Farms, our good friend Reuben Dourte of Windward Media Group did a fantastic job of condensing 50 years of history into an article for the latest issue Oct/Nov of the Triple H Magazine. We hope you enjoy it. Click on the image below to download the entire 10 page PDF.


This section of our website is dedicated to the horses who still influence our breeding program today.  Some have since passed, others continue to be dominant breeding stock, but all of them have earned a spot in the history of our farm and the history of the breed. You can click on any photo as it scrolls by and it will expand to reveal a larger photo and the story of that horse.


 Windermere Farms has become well known for producing powerful, dominant breeding stallions who pass on their extreme traits with consistency.  Included on this page are some of those individuals who helped give us that reputation.  Our success in the stallion service market is largely due to Blackhome Duke who was a pioneer in the shipping of draft horse semen.


Windermere Farms was established in the 1960's by Abraham Allebach.  We had many successful halter horses since the farm's conception.  Although she was not our first Percheron mare, the history on this page begins with Camille as she was the beginning of the breeding program we still carry on today.

Windermere's North American Maid
Briar Hill Trademark
Walkerbrae Jake's Yukon
Windermere's Inferno
Blue Ribbon Farms Prince
Windermere's Eliminator
Windermere's Wincredible
Windermere's Katrina Ed
Windermere's Just Incredible
Windermere's Black Out
Windermere King Cong
Windsong's Gambler
Blackhome Duke
Windermere's Rosie
Windermere's Perfect Maid
Windermere's Camilla
Windermere's Deidra
Forest Grove Amy's Areba
Windermere's Black Velvet
Sundown Farms Morning Belle
Windermere's Charisma
Windermere's Isabella
Wapsi View Fantasy
Windermere's Victoria
Windermere's Desire
Windermere's Tayler Maid
Windermere's Joy
MG's Bobbie McGee
Marissa Laet


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