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OUR STORY - Who We Are

In 1962 Windermere Farms was established by Abraham and Mary Allebach. Although it began as a dairy farm, Percherons were soon added and the breeding program has since become known worldwide.  Windermere Farms has produced many National and World Champions. The name has become recognized in high quality Percheron breeding and show stock. Windermere Farms pioneered the art of collecting and shipping semen in the Percheron breed. 

We have always been a leader in shipping semen from high quality horses and maintain excellent service. If you are interested in learning more on the history of Windermere Farms, our good friend Reuben Dourte of Windward Media Group did a fantastic job of condensing 50 years of history into an article for the latest issue Oct/Nov of the Triple H Magazine. We hope you enjoy it. Click on the image below on the left to download the entire 10 page PDF.



Blackhome Duke (res World Champion)

Marissa Laet

M.G's Bobbie McGee


Windermere's King Cong

Windermere's Katrina

Queen for a Day

Windermere's Incredible Edition

Beth Mill

Windermere's Deidra (Supreme World Champion)

Windermere's Inferno (World Champion)

Windermere's Caesar

Windermere's Wincredible

Mystic Did It

Windermere's Lady Lucy

Windermere's Joy

Wagon Works Julie Sue

Blue Ribbon Farms Prince (World Champion)

Valley Vista Striker

Windermere's Cashmere

Windermere's Remington

La Donald

Windsong's Gambler

Windermere's Just in Step

Windermere's Tayler Maid

Windermere's Cassandra

Windermere's King Arthur

Over the decades we have either owned or produced many of the horses that have had a huge impact on the breed such as:

We would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all of our customers both past and present for choosing and trusting us here at Windermere Farms. We plan to continue to be here to serve you in all of your equine needs for years to come.

         - Gerald, Melissa & Abraham

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