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Our 2023 Foals

Windermere’s Laila
Black filly- Born 1/19/23
Sire- FP Lafayette

(Laila will be the very last foal born in the USA from Lafayette as he now resides in Pakistan)
Dam- Breezy Acres Bess a daughter of Jadis’s Yankee

We will be retaining Laila for our breeding program

Laila IMG_6592.jpg
Little Liza Jane IMG_7017.jpg

Windermere’s Little Liza Jane
Black filly - Born 1/1/2023
Sire- Lola’s Eightball
Dam- Windermere’s Kinzee
A daughter of the Supreme World Champion,

Windermere’s North American Maid


Windermere's Hilda
Black filly - Born 2/25/23
Sire-Walkerbrae Sniper
Dam-Windermere's Zuly

Windermeres Hilda IMG_7783.jpg
Wizz Bang.jpg

Windermere's Wizz Bang
Black colt - Born 2/7/23
Sire- Walkerbrae Spartan
Dam- Oak Havens New Expression (a daughter of Bentley)

Windermere's Birmingham
Black Colt - foaled 5/13/23
Sire-Walkerbrae Spartan
Dam-Windermere's Blue Print

Birmingham IMG_6680.jpg
Lisa Marie IMG_7657.jpg

Windermere's Lisa Marie

Grey filly  -  born 4/13/23
Sire-Money Train
Dam- Square C Ranch Pricilla,

a daughter of Bentley
For sale at weaning

Windermere’s Turbo

Black colt - Born 1/12/23
Sire- Bentley
Dam- Windermere’s Markie Maid a daughter of Briar Hill Trademark

We will be retaining Turbo for our breeding program

Ballad IMG_7883 (002).JPG

Windermere's Ballad -Retaining 

Black colt - Born 2/10/23
Sire- Bentley
Dam- Windermere's All In Good Time

(a daughter of the Supreme World Champion, Windermere's North American Maid)

Midnight Rider IMG_8045 (002).jpg

Windermere's Midnight Rider
Black Colt - foaled 5/21/23
Sire- Bentley
Dam-Windermere's Ozzie

Windermere's Salute

Black colt - Born 3/8/23
Dam-Anderson's Celebration 

Salute IMG_8077.jpg

Windermere's Zeus - For Sale

Black colt - Born 3/23/23
Sire-Walkerbrae Sniper
Dam-Summit's Lori, a daughter of Windermere's North American Maid

Windermere's Clark

Black filly  -  born 3/31/23
Sire- Walkerbrae Sniper
Dam- Windermere's Rosie
We will be retaining Clarke

Windermere's Gordy
Black Colt - foaled 5/31/23
SIre- Red Oak's Marcus
Dam-France's Newt

Windermere's Flint
Black colt  -  born 4/14/23
Sire-Walkerbrae Spartan
Dam-Windermere's Fire
For sale at weaning 

Windermere's Arthur

Red Bay colt - Born 3/23/23
Sire- Bentley
Dam- Appaloosa mare  

Windermere's Prada
Black Filly - foaled 5/23/23
Sire-Walkerbrae Spartan
Dam-Windermere's Design

Windermere's All Her Charm
Black Filly - foaled 4/14/23
Sire-Walkerbrae Spartan
Dam-Windermere's Carry On
For sale

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