Our 2021 Foals

Windermere’s Boone.jpg

Windermere's Boone - RETAINING

Black colt
Foaled January 1, 2021
Dam-Windermere's Markie Maid

Sire- Lola's Eightball

Windermere’s Ember.jpg

Windermere's Ember - SOLD

Black filly
Foaled March 3, 2021
Dam-Windermere's Fire

Sire- Lola's Eightball

Windermere’s Marguerite.jpg

Windermere's Marguerite - SOLD

Black filly
Foaled February 28, 2021
Dam-Windermere's Maria Maria

Sire- Bentley

Windermere’s J.W.jpg

Windermere’s J.W - RETAINING

Black Colt
Foaled June 14, 2021
Dam- Windermere's Rosie

Windermere’s Rebel Beat.jpg

Windermere's Rebel Beat


Black colt
Foaled March 17, 2021
Dam-Oak Haven's New Expression

Sire- Lola's Eightball

Windermere’s Chanel.JPG

Windermere's Chanel - RETAINING

Black filly
Foaled March 2, 2021
Dam-Windermere's Design

Sire- Lola's Eightball

Windermere’s Set The Tempo.JPG

Windermere's Set the Tempo - RETAINING

Black filly
Foaled February 12, 2021
Dam-Windermere's All In Good Time

Sire- Bentley

Windermere’s Marley.JPG

Windermere’s Marley - RETAINING
Black filly
Foaled June 6, 2021
Dam-Windermere’s Kinzee
Sire- Lola’s Eightball 

Windermere’s Cleopatra  IMG_8003.jpg

Windermere's Cleopatra - RETAINING

Black filly
Foaled April 17, 2021
Dam-Belle Ryan Velvet

Sire- Walkerbrae Sparten

Windermere’s Darda IMG_6262.jpg

Windermere's Darda- SOLD

Black colt
Foaled April 29, 2021
Dam-Windermere's Blue Print

Sire- Lola's Eightball

FP Teigen IMG_7736.JPG

FP Teigen - SOLD

Black filly
Foaled February 22, 2021
Dam-MSS Ultra

Sire- After Shock

Windermere’s Jenna - RETAINING

Black filly
Foaled May 31, 2021
Dam- Windermere’s Ozzie
Sire- Bentley

Windermere's Coleman- SOLD

Black colt
Foaled May 1, 2021
Dam-Summits Lori

Sire- Lola's Eightball

Windermere's Ivar the Boneless- SOLD

Black colt
Foaled March 8, 2021
Dam-Windermere's Carry On

Sire- Lola's Eightball

Windermere's Rambling Man - SOLD

Black Colt
Foaled June 11, 2021
Dam-Glenview Christy
Sire- Bentley