Clyde Ponies~

We have been working over the past decade at improving this draft pony breed.  Our mission is to create
ponies with quality, style, and the most motion possible through the careful selection of worthy individuals
in order to preserve the integrity of the breed.  We have included some pictures of our program so you
can see where we are headed with these exciting ponies.
Windermere's Bam Bam
Windermere's Bam Bam
Our herd sire, Bam Bam.  He is out of a Hackney Pony mare we called Pebbles.  His sire is a
full Clyde, Armageddon's Lord Elijah, a well known and respected stallion.  Bam Bam has been
Champion at many fairs across the country including the Ohio and Indiana State Fairs.  He is
available for stallion service and has crossed well on all kinds of draft pony mares.  His
offspring is continuing his winning tradition in the draft pony ring and our customers have
enjoyed lots of success with their Bam Bam progeny.
Windermere's Tessa
Windermere's Tessa
Tessa, a home bred Bam Bam daughter, has been a show
winner in hitch and halter.  Her mother is a half Clyde half
Shetland pony mare.  The incorporation of two parts of
Clydesdale into this family has given us added Clyde traits
such as foot and feather.  Tessa and her siblings have
dominated the Draft Pony show ring.  

Photos: Left, Tessa's full sister Lola in the cart at the 2009
Indiana St. Fair. Top Left,  Tessa winning the draft pony cart
class at the 2007 Indiana State Fair.  Above, Tessa winning
Grand Champion Draft Pony mare at the 2007 Indiana State
Clydesdale Ponies
Bam Bam and his daughter Tessa at the 2007 Indiana St.
Fair where they were Champion Stallion and Mare for the
second consecutive show.
Windermere's Cimmeron
Clyde Ponies
Clyde Ponies
Party Girl
Bam Bam and a group of his daughters at the Indiana
State Fair.
Abraham showing a full sister to Tessa at
the Indiana State Fair.
A young team in training during the fall of
Cimmeron, another good Bam Bam offspring.
Clyde Pony Foal
The newest addition to our Clyde Pony herd, born Jan '09.
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Windward Graffix
Candy, a Bam Bam daughter owned by Harley and Nan Schut
of Hopkins, MI, at the 2009 Indiana State Fair
winning Grand Champion Draft Pony Mare and Best of Breed
Draft Pony.
Lola, a Bam Bam daughter bred at Windermere Farms and
owned by Harley and Nan Schut.  Shown here at the 2009
Indiana State Fair where she was Res. Grand Champion
Draft Pony Mare.
A group of eight ponies owned by Harley and Nan Schut at
the 2009 Indiana State Fair.  The Schuts have had a
tremendous amount of success with their Bam Bam
offspring.  Shown here is seven Bam Bam offspring and one
grand offsping.  With this progeny the Schuts went home
from the 2009 Indiana State Fair with Sr. & Grand Champion
Stallion, Jr. Champion Stallion, Res. Jr Champion Stallion,
Sr. & Grand Champion Mare, Res. Sr. & Res. Gr. Champion
Mare, 1st place 3 year old mare, Jr. Champion Mare and 2nd
place yearling mare.  The Res. Jr. Champion mare was also
a Bam Bam daughter owned by John Schut.   
The first place unicorn at the Indiana State fair in 2009,
owned by the Schuts.  This entry consists of two Bam Bam
offspring and a mare purchased from our farm.
We had a great pony show at the Ohio State Fair.  Bam Bam was Grand
Champion and Best of Show.  Tessa was Champion mare and we also had
first place foal with Jackson.
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